Touching Hearts At Home

I had lunch today with Touching Hearts.  Did you know they do in home care for independent living? I met some of these gals at the Senior Expo. I am so impressed with them because there is help and hope out there for those in need it of these services.

This can be for seniors, young people with medical problems, those cancer patients, and much more. Touching Hearts at Home helps older adults and people with diabilities, so that they can live independently.

 It’s sharing, caring, and helping. They do light housekeeping, laundry, meal prep, meal planning, transportaion, errands, grocery shopping, w bring you or your loved one to a doctors appointments, respite for the family, memory care, and companionship. Plus a lot more.

There has been times when patients have no one to turn to for help. There are times when the family needs a break; respite care.

At other  times when you just don’t feel that great and wish someone would give you some help.

Well I am impressed because here it is. I think their services have touched my heart. They made an impact on me.  I would recommend them to any patient or senior or whatever clients they provide services to. Actually I feel they are very affordable.