Best John, Sitting And Looking Around

I nominated the Duluth Grill for the annual America’s Best Restroom competition that was listed in the paper. It is located at and the deadline is April 15th. Please help me with this nomination if you feel the same.  I tried to tell Tom Hanson, the owner that if someone could wear the Red Long “Johns” and take a picture of them wearing them, they would surely win the contest once it was submitted. I didn’t have a snapshot to send in.

I know they are competiting against “fancy smacy bathrooms” that look like they are from club bathrooms like the Gitch, Northland Country Club, or the Woman’s Club. These washrooms are unique but they do not serve the high volume of customers that the Duluth Grill does day in and day out.  They serve uncountable customers each week; yes thousands.  

What I find so very comicial is that Louie Hanson, the owner’s son, has to bake or make something when he hears a certain Code____ yelled out. I have laughed about this many a time. I thought it was Code Blue.  It is not Code Blue folks. There are different codes for different incidents. Use your imagination.  You have to have a sense of humor in the restaurant biz.

It is the customers that help owners and workers to make it a great day at The Duluth Grill, as well as elsewhere in the city. I think the Duluth Grill needs the recognition of American’s Best Restroom plaque, if not for unique humor.

Teachers have to have a real sense of humor as well. I am looking around the teachers desk as I am a substitute teacher today for a relative. “I can only please one person today.”  “Today is not your day and tommorrow doesn’t look good either.”  I look around to my right..and read, “I’ve stopped listening, you haven’t stopped thinking.”   I look to my other side and see, “Brain loading, please wait.” Ever felt that way?  Then there is another sign, “For success, attitude is as important as ability.” Teachers have to have a real sense of humor to do what they do day in and day out. I know when I was a teacher I filled my classroom with inspirational thoughts and words to breathe and live by.