Contacting Your Government, American Public Media, Classes

If you go to this website: you will come to the link where you can contact your elected officals, find links organized by topics,  contact agency links, find telephone and E-mail directories, click on to chat to people, connect to government blogs,  and find out about government notifications. Hey, there is lots more that I haven’t even mentioned.

American Public Media is located out of St. Paul. Krista Tippett puts out a great blog on Being located at: Krista Tippett on Being This newsletter was on yoga which always amazes me.

Speaking of Yoga the Whole Food Coop has great classes, and I noticed that one is on “The Foundations of Yoga Philosophy: Yamas & Niyamas” by Deborah Adele, April 13th. You have to pre-register. She is a sought after speaker.  They have lots of other great classes. I saw one being taught by Scott Vestertein on Container Gardening which is such an up and coming trend right now.  In fact, community gardening is in; It’s the rage. Another class that stuck my fancy is making your own personal care products from natural ingredients from lip balm, face scubs to natural soaps. I wish I had 29 hours in the day.

I am having a brain recall moment. I am writing something that was in a dream I had long ago. That is scary. Every had dream recalls?