A Bargain For A Cause, Red Long Johns

Buy this full suit of red long  johns at a bargain price to help raise money for Circle of Hope ( a new non-profit, a 501-c-3). This organization  will be providing breast cancer block grants to those most in need. Going once, going twice, sold to you for $5.99.  These are valued at $21.95 and are a real deal breaker. Buy these at The Duluth Grill located at 27th Avenue West. They are all cotton, come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and 2 X. Don’t tell Santa Claus because we don’t have his size (4 X). They button in the front and have a back opening that unbuttons.

They are flying off the shelf like Santa on Christmas Eve.

Do you want a little team spirit?  Have you thought about The Red Long John Team? Santa’s Helper Team? The Red Team, Team Red?  Long John Team? Some great pjs? Do you want something fun to give your employees for Christmas next year? Do you love your family enough to give them something real warm, red and cozy?  (The list goes on.)


Block grants will be given out by the end of April.