Check Out African American History Month, Red Long Johns, And The Duluth Grill

This website has wealth of information on African American History month

This mention is about the Red Long Johns:

Well are you thinking what is she up to now? I have at least 15 or more  boxes of  red cotton long underwear (the complete suit). We still may need these for the cold weather until it disappears.  Every size from small to Santa Claus size. If you live in Duluth, I will deliver it to your house. You just need to write me a check or pay cash. The money is being donated to the non-profit, Circle of Hope.  ($5.00 and it’s worth $21.95 I’d say that is quite a deal. (

Let’s Not Forget The Changes To The Duluth Grill menu.

Today I was at the Duluth Grill for lunch and had their new Gouda/garlic burger. I guess I shouldn’t of eaten the Gouda with my bad cholesterol.  I just had to try it. I love how they change their menu items periodically. I was there last night for a meeting, and there were so many folks there. It was actually bonkers. Today wasn’t as bad.