Triglycerides, Cholesterol

I am more assured than ever that you have to be your own best advocate. I called three labs today to find out the formula to find out why my CHD Risk Radio could be worse when my cholesterol went down by 23 points, my triglycerides went to 189, my HDL went to 35, my LDL went to 167, calculated LD and my CHD Risk Radio went up .3.  I am more assured than ever that labs make errors on your tests.

I remember my aunt years ago sending me the formulary to figure it out. Do you think I could find it? No, it’s buried in paper somewhere over the rainbow. 

Do you think these lab people I called knew? Your right, they didn’t. I was referred back to ask my doctor. Now remember when I said that I take 4 fish oil pills a day and 500 slow niacin a day. Something is wrong with this picture or somone made an error.  For example, when my cholesterol was 23 points higher and my triglycerides was 205 points higher, my HDL was 42 and my LDL calculated was 142, my CHD risk factor was .3 lower. There is something wrong with this picture in my mind. 

My triglycerides were 189 with 1 T. of skim milk in it before a blood test. Oophs, I forgot. They claimed the test was invalid because it went down.

I wanted to get the straight scoop before I met with my pharmacy students at 5:00 p.m. tonight.

Here’s the deal according to a friend of mine who worked in the hospital for years. HDL, think of the “H” as healthy. LDL, think of the “L” as lousey. She use to have trouble remembering it and that is why she remembered it this way. When people take slow niacin, it will bring down the triglycerides but the LDL may go up, so now she thinks I need to go on somethig for that. She takes prescription Lovaza. She told me that Cor Omega works on some people. It didn’t work on her. This was the case of another person I talked to as well who had breast cancer. It may be that some drugs work for some folks and some do not. That’s why we need “personalized mediciene, folks.”

Well, I guess slow niacin can reduce your triglycerides. You had better work on reducing them right away before they get worse. Then we have these imbalance problems like me. I am starting a prescription drug today called Pravastatin, yes a statin. Supposedly it is going to improve my good cholesterol and reduce my bad cholesterol. It does with some folks. I hate taking these kinds of drugs due to the side effects, but what choice to I have. I am going to give it my best shot, go in for a blood test in six weeks. This may be a clinical trial drug. I am not sure.  I ran off the pages of case studies. That was about 30 pages and enough to scare you.  I am trying to get my cholesterol and triglycerides in order, as you can tell. I am trying to get my house in order. I will let you know if “I become a new person or not. I know many of you suffer from heart disease and many of you don’t know you have heart disease.”

What are triglycerides? This is the fat in your blood. People with high triglycrides are people who have high cholesterol and  heart problems.

We have three different kinds of fat that we eat according to The American Heart Association.

There is monounsaturated fats that are in olive oil, canola,  peanut, sunflower and safflower oils. If you eat low fat foods and these oils you are suppose to lower your blood cholesterol.

Saturated fat is really bad for us. It’s animal fats from meat, butter, lard (remember your granny cooking with it), plant fats as cocunut oil, palm oil or palm kernel oil.

Then there is polyunsaturated fats that are in vegetable oils and fish. These are suppose to lower your blood cholesterol. Bring on the salmon.

That’s the end of this fat story.

I have decided that some folks don’t like their jobs, and they like patients calling even less, especially when they ask questions.