The Super Bowl And Being The Flavor In The Soup

I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl. It reminded me of my Packers cheese head top hat that I let a former SMDC employee where at at a fun get together.  Believe me it didn’t look that great on me. I’m too short. You could call me “Short Legs” or maybe even “Firecracker.”

Friendships and fun is really what life is about. You need to have a sense of humor and ” be the flavor in the soup.” Be sure to laugh many times a day. It’s great for your health.

A church friend was telling me about a restaurant in the cities where “you make your own soup.” The colors of the plates determine the cost of your soup. What kind of soup would you choose?  I would choose Wedding Soup, as I just love it. It take a lot of ingredients to be really good. I think in real life we don’t have to make soup with a lot of ingredients. It kind of reminded of the three sushi bars in Portland that I just love. You pick out what you want and are billed by the colors of your plates. The sushi goes around on a conver belt. Don’t worry, I know the risks of raw fish, they have vegetable sushi and desserts as well.

This sort of reminds me of  Stone Soup. I use to read this book to my elementary students, as they would bring veggies, I brought the meat and a very clean stone for the “Stone Soup.”  We would make this  each year in first grade. Everyone shared, everyone gave something for the good of the whole group. We would cook this soup all day in the crockpot and when it was done everyone  enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

We are fulfilling God’s law when we care for others, especially I think in toubled times. We can be the light for others, the beacon, the hope.  Being self aborbed is not the way to lead one’s life. We need humility. Accepting  people all over the world is so important.  People need to shine in goodness, faith and spirituality. Not everyone will think the same way nor even give in the same way. Some folks can’t help where they are at in this given moment in time. That’s what makes us all different and unique. Some of us are the salt of the earth. Others are the sugar and spice and everything sweet. Others are  the oil that makes life really complicated to mix but it can be done with a little patience.