Energy Assistance Income Guidelines; Housing Assistance

I am looking at the 2011 maxiuum energy assitance income guideliens to get help with your energy. This is based on 50% SMI or 110% of poverty, whichever is greater. The average benefit is $500.00 per household. The Energy Assistance Program or EAP is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Adminstration. Google the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

1 person in a household-annual income $22,650

2 person in a household-annual income $29, 580

3 persons in a household-annual income-$36,540

4 persons in a household-annual income-$43,500

It seems like a lot of people can fit into these guidelines. Call the Minnesota Department of Commerce for more information-1.800.657.3710.


Do you qualify for housing assistance?  First you need to look at an income chart to determine your gross annual income with your family size. For example, if there is one person in your family you can live in Section 8 housing, but there is public housing & housing rehab assistance for $33,600. Do you think I know what that means? No, I don’t the sliding scale goes all the way up to 8 people living in a house with Sction 8 at $39,600.00 and public housing  & housing rehab assistance up to $63,400. Yup, you’d bettter call.  I am reading this off of a chart.

Then you have to call the HRA office (In Duluth call 218.529.6300. It is located at 222 East Second Street, Duluth, MN.)

Thirdly, you need to bring in verifications (Social Security cards, birth certificates, piciture ID of everyone in your family, your income tax records, bank statements,and pay stubs).

The website listed does not work; call.