Counting The Calories; Reading Food Labels

Did you notice in the paper today that Livestrong has a calorie tracker for your mobile phone?  Just go to:

I also noticed that you could have a calorie counter added to your iGoogle home page. Check it out. 

I believe those who write down or record what goes into their choppers are more more calorie conscious. Correct me if I am wrong. I am not perfect.  Some us can keep it just in our head. There are many others online that you can sign up for. Once I accidentally signed up for a bogus calorie counter website. I had one heck of a time getting rid of it off of my computer. Make sure what you sign up for one that  is reputable.

They also listed in the paper,  Fit Pro having one for Android, iPhones, Blackberries, iPad. The link is:

The DNT  also listed the Calorie Counter by Fat Secret, and it’s free. This link is

Organic means what?

You should buy food that is  USDA Organic on the label, and this means it has been prepared or treated with very strict practices. That means no sweeteners,  no toxic fertilizers or pesticides, no genetic engineering, animals are treated humanely, there is no synthetic flavors or coloring added.  Many of us are resistant to bacteria, as we try to get rid of this most recent long lasting respiratory virus. Even antibotics don’t get it out of your system.

If you buy organic the animals and poultry have been treated humanely, as well as their products. There should not be antibotics in these foods or products.

Did you know that if you have pesticides in your urine you are more likely to have ADHD? This is important message for young developing babies and children. We don’t want them to have pesticides in their bodies. We don’t want them to eat meat full of antibotics because they can’t get rid of illnesses.  Milk can have antibotics. I remember relatives of ours whose cows hat ring worm, and they milked them to sell the milk. Hormones are used with cattle to fatten them up, so they may produce more milk and better quality meat.

I personally feel hormonal imbalance is a cause of many cancers. Well, it is for breast cancer, so it must be for prostate cancer.

Buy hormone free meats, low fat dairy, etc.

Free Range means the chickens can roam. They are not couped up in the pen all day long. It seems so inhumane when they are all couped up, walking on other dead animals.

Natural means there are no artifical colors or flavorings in these products. With the number of food allergies in this country it is imporant to look at this. Radiated meats have this procedure  to reduce the bacteria. Who wants more radiation? Not, me.

Locally grown is a standard meaning that it was grown in your area.

Contains Fiber-Fiber is so important.  If we see contains fiber it means there may be some fiber in it.

Naturally Occuring Fiber is the best. This would be fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. We need fiber to get rid of the toxins in our body. If you see that something has real fruit it means there is some but not a lot.

Contains Omega 3’s means that it may have a good supply of it. You usually should hae 500 mgs of these fats a day.