Being An American

Sometimes we see things “ as we see them, not as they are.” I think our minister said this before he retired from our church. He went on a medical disability for cancer. It’s hard at times to walk in someone else’s shoes or boots when you don’t understand their stuff, right?

I am going to miss him. He had said I could have a New Orleans funeral when I die. I wanted one with singing, Cool and Gang type songs. I will have to find  another new age minister when my number is around the bend.

My same minister also said “prayers with legs.”  This stuck with me, and I keep  thinking about that. This has been a bad winter; lots of folks dying; lots from cancer, as cancer makes up its own  rules. Lots of praying; lots of prayer chains. When will it ever end?

We have poured so much money into cancer. In many cases we have not held the industry accountable. Often times it lacks transparency. Too many of our numbers are being called up to enter the gates. There is a need to find new solutions to cancer, look at the old solutions,  and what was missed.

Gosh a man I talked to said his wife has breast cancer at age 91. Cancer can and does kill the elderly. My heart breaks for these folks.

For many, yesterday is gone, tommorrow has not come. I think about loved ones in hospice. I know two people at the moment.  C.S. Lewis once said, “When the most important things in our lives happen, we usually have no idea what is going on.” I often think of when the time comes will we all be ready. Do we have our finances in order, a living will made out,  income tax papers in order,  pictures sorted out or in albums, or personal letters to our kids,  friends, and loved ones? 

Too many of us spent too much time in front of the computer. It’s called loving the  computer addiction landscape.  

Others spend too much time couch surfing in front of the TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV, as I don’t have time.  (

Some kids want it be a Ferris Bullers Day off from school everyday. They are not preparing for their futures and have not set goals for themselves. Unfortunately some of these young folks maybe  taking care of us in nursing homes. Will they know math, learned compassion or become a committed worker?  Hopefully they won’t be giving us our meds. (I have had students who have dropped out of school and yes they have done this. If hard times hit; I will live in my basement.) It’s pretty scary to think that you may get old.

The Nots:  By not losing weight, eating healthy and  exercising, we are setting ourselves up for a life time of health problems. Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in this country. What have you done today to change the lives of your children and yourself? Instead of eating cupcakes at the birthday party, what else could we serve?

Join The Sleep Apnea Club: Do you snore?  Do you wake yourself up at night? Do you have a round neck? You could have an undiagnoised case of sleep anpea. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to heart fibulations, heart disease, diabetes, etc. (I want that group picture of the sleep apnea club. I will be the temp president until after the photo shoot.) 

If we don’t change as a society, we will self destruct. We have lots of bad habits folks. I keep telling my husband…no plastic, no paper plates, no  this and that. (Old dogs don’t listen to young pups.)

We need a simplistic, environmentally friendly green life style. Our houses are full of imported products; many from China. We are even teaching Chinese in the high schools. Hopefully China won’t take us over.

Health Care Reform: It is scary what will happen today with the health care bill. There are billions of adults and children with pre-existing conditions. Even our representatives in Washington have pre-exsisting conditions. I hope if they take it away from us, they take it away from themselves. Way too many people in this country are suffering. “It’s time for a miracle.” It’s time for this country to work together for the common good of all.

For profit or not for profit; that is the question: Hospitals and clinics should not be for profit. Everyone in the medical industry should care for others. That includes big pharmacutical companies as well. I was pisted when I got my clinic bill with a provider tax. Provider taxes are charged by non-profits, right?

Those with earned assets should not lose them all of their belongings when they get sick. The landscape is different for lots of folks. The poor spent all their time figuring out how to survive, eat, live, get an item of clothing, and pay their bills. Some don’t even know where they will sleep or what their next meal will be. We just can’t continue to be fat cats while the strays are starving.  The rich spent time figuring out how they can make money off of the poor. Sometimes it’s just wording in the media.

A relative of ours said recently that she was glad she was checking out soon. She watches TV almost 24/7 and after 91 years sees ” the craziness of these times.” “This giant jig saw puzzle may not be able to be put together again.”